Pontoons and Sea-runs

Sea-Run Cutthroat flies and fishing have been all the rage on the Caddis blog as of late, and there is a reason—they are a blast to catch. You can fish for them from the bank in the late fall, but like most fly fishing reaching the fish can be an issue without a boat. In the fall of the year the rivers of the Coast are pretty bony. Taking the favorite drift boat isn’t an option—too many rocks, not enough water. I personally can’t be trusted in a canoe…a story for another time. That leaves the pontoon boat.

Years ago I couldn’t imagine owning a pontoon boat, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. Let’s step back a few years ago when I really started chasing Sea-Runs. I had a float tube and a small pram. Both great for fishing around in a long slow run, but not a good option for floating from pool to pool. Not to mention how noisy the old aluminum pram could be. My friend Don Piper convinced that he had the ticket. He happened to own a pair of pontoon boats, so off to the river we went. I was amazed the places you could take these agile and lightweight vessels. If you happened to get in a place you couldn’t get through, you could carry or drag the boat short distances. I knew this would change how I fished for Sea-Runs, as well as other fish.

pac 800 down the chute

Tight quarters, tiny chutes, bony water, no problem!

pac 800 outcast

I finally purchased my own boat this summer and my son, Gavin, really thought this was a cool new toy. I guess we will need another boat when he gets big enough.


Don Piper with a nice little “Blue-back.”

sea run cutthroat oregon fly fishing

Another beautiful specimen that fell for Don’s fly.

If you want to be able to run skinny water on small streams consider giving an Outcast Pontoon boat a try. You will be surprised how you went all these years without one.

Tony Torrence

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2 Responses to Pontoons and Sea-runs

  1. David Swart says:

    Own a pontoon boat myself would’nt go back to a float tube or boat opens up a whole new world to the fly person & are easy to transport in my truck from spot to spot,love it.

  2. Russell Burkman says:

    I am a local guide in southern Oregon. I am going into my second seasion of using pontons in my operation. I have found them to be great. They have opened up a new fishery for me in the sea run cutties. I was unable to fish for them with my clients in the past due to the low summer flows of our rivers but with the adition of the pontoons it has shed a new light on an old fishery. I dont know what I would do with out them. If any of you are ever in the southern Oregon area and find your selfs in Brookings look us up. We are located in the port next to the boat ramp in the Morning Buzz Espresso shop. Just ask for info about Wild River Adventures. Untill then Tight Lines

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