Local Steelhead Fishing Report

The McKenzie and Willamette rivers have been fishing very well for Summer Steelhead of late. Both rivers are clear, are flowing at perfect levels and have water temps that are ideal. Cloudy and rainy weather but still 70 degrees, are you kidding me, who doesn’t bite under those conditions! Scale back you flies a little, go to the old classics, Green Butt Silver Hilton, Skunk Style Patterns, Silvey’s Pool Cleaner, Bennett’s Last Light, Lady Carolyn and skate a fly or two, you never know what might happen.–CD

DR Taggart

willamette steelhead

willamette river steelhead

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3 Responses to Local Steelhead Fishing Report

  1. parahoppah says:

    I fished a bit downstream today- no action, but I was swinging a big ugly purple thing.

    How far downstream would be considered “town run” water?

  2. David Jensen says:

    They are still whacking MOALS on the McKenzie. I did fish a smaller one today.

  3. Arrowood says:

    pretty sure town run ends VR guesstimately, those are some gorgeous pics!! believe it or not I went out on the chocolate today~ no tight lines but a cut and one rockless bump, hopefully this rain will stir us more mallows– found 3 yesterday but Id definitely give that brownie to the “only” 1 other boat & football spirit that felt relative ~

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