Fly Tying Video: Fish Skull Intruder

Beads, Cones, Eyes, now welcome Fish Skulls to the fly tying arsenal. Fish Skulls are a new way to create heads on bait fish patterns. Fish Skulls give the fly a realistic, perfectly formed head with eyes. Add epoxy or not to develop the head of the fly further. In this video Barrett demonstrates how to use the fish skulls with an Intruder style fly pattern. We see fish skulls having application in with Steelhead and Salmon flies, saltwater streamers, and trout streamers. For their size they do not weight the fly down too much, they allow the pattern to swim as the tyer intended. A great product brought to us by Hareline Dubbin.–CD

barrett's fish skull intruder

Fish Skull Intruder

Hooks: Gamakatsu T106H
Thread: 6/0 Uni Blue
Butt: Holographic Silver Ice Dub
Tail: Kingfisher Blue Ostrich
Body: Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Holographic Silver
Hackle # 1: Eumer or Hareline Artcic Fox in Dubing loop
Hackle # 2: Black Hareline Spey Plumes
Head: Fish Skulls
Head Finish: Loon UV Fly Finish and UV Light

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