Ring ring… Who is it? Nautilus!


So ringtones are all the rage these days… In an attempt to bring fly anglers to the 21st Century Miami based Nautilus is making several ringtones available for free! Imagine hearing that drag scream when your inlaws call…fish on.

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3 Responses to Ring ring… Who is it? Nautilus!

  1. Anthony says:

    That’s funny. When’s the Bauer MacKenzie ring tone coming out?

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Why is my fly reel so silent lately? Maybe this is the answer to my prayers?


  3. Do they sell straightjackets with the free ringtone download?
    ‘Cause I’d sure need one after all the twitching I would be doing after hearing my phone ring like the screaming drag of a reel!!!
    Wow I need to get my feet wet!
    Quick, to the boat-mo-bile!

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