Tying Sea Run Cutthroat Flies

In this video Jay Nicholas sits down and discusses his favorite fly tying materials for Sea Run Cutthroat flies. Check out Jay’s Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Tips more information on how to fish these old school beauties. Another great reference on Sea Run Cutthroat is Les Johnson’s book: Fly Fishing Coast Cutthroat Trout.–CD

Winging Materials, Pseudo Hair, Calf Tail, Bucktail, Artic Fox, Deer Body Hair, Squirrel Tail, Peacock Feathers, Pheasant Tail, White Deer Belly Hair

Color Selection and Body Materials, STS Trilobal Dubbing, Chenille size small and medium, Uni Yarn, Uni Floss, Lagartun Mini Flat Braid

Feathers and Hackle for tying Sea Run Cutthroat Flies, Dyed Grizzly Variant Saddle Hackle, Dyed Grizzly Saddle Patch, American Saddle Clump

Styles of Sea Run Cutthroat Flies. Jay discusses seven different styles of Sea Run flies including. Traditional patterns, Reversed Spider Style, Baitfish patterns, Uni-Yarn Body Style, Dubbed Body style, Dual Hackle style and Hair wing style. We will be doing a video on each style of fly over the next couple of weeks. Fly Fishing for Harvest Trout, Bluebacks and the now more commonly known Sea Run Cutthroat requires some persistence early in the season. Our own Lou Verdugo has been out on the coast this weekend and found a few fish. Success rates are bound to rise as the Summer moves closer to fall and the Sea Runs move up the estuary and into many of our great Oregon Coastal watersheds.

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2 Responses to Tying Sea Run Cutthroat Flies

  1. tw says:

    Jay where is the muddler row?

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Coming up, man, right behind the October Caddis for upriver searching on a month or so; have faith! JN

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