Jay’s Summer Steelhead Chenille Series

It’s looking like another excellent summer Steelhead year in the Pacific Northwest. Rumor, suggestion, theory, preliminary numbers, has the Deschutes even better in 2010 than the record of 2009. The North Umpqua is fishing reasonably well right now. The Willamette, McKenzie, North Santiam, South Santiam all have good numbers of fish in them. If you are looking for an easy to tie productive fly pattern Jay Nicholas has it done for you. Check it out in the video below, many more┬áto come.–CD

Fl. Orange Steelhead Chenille Series

Green butt Steelhead Chenille Series

Summer Steelhead Chenille Series

Hook: TMC 700 2-6
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Butt: Fl. Orange Ultra Chenille (fly 1) Chartreuse (fly 2)
Rib: Lagartun Oval Tinsel
Body: Medium Black Chenille
Collar Hackle: Black Schlappen
Wing: Mirage Flashabou

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2 Responses to Jay’s Summer Steelhead Chenille Series

  1. Rob R says:

    I love the way chenille feels next to my skin. So nice.

  2. two dogs says:

    Gosh…..that explains a lot about my last order I received then.

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