Green McKenzie Caddis fly pattern winners announced

Here are the winners of the Caddis Fly and Hareline Dubbin fly tying contest — this spring’s pattern was the Green McKenzie Caddis.

Big Green McKenzie Caddis

1st Place: Green Caddis Wet by Ethan Nickel

Hook: Daichi 1560 #10
Thread: Black UTC 70
Body: Grey Ostrich Herl
Rib: Chartreuse V-Rib
Hackle: Ringneck pheasant flank dyed green
Hackle: Badger Hen neck
Antennae: Black Flashabou

McKenzie River Green Caddis Fly pattern contest

Ethan won three different models of the Rite Bobbin fly tying tools

Second place: UVgreen Caddis by Mchael Webb
Hook: TMC 101 #12 (tied large)
Thread: Light Green
Body: Green Chewee Skin
Underwing: 1-2 natural dun CDC feathers
Hackle: Grizzly tinted with green marker, clipped on top
Underwing 2: Two natural dun CDC feathers
Wing: Two quail feathers sprayed with fixative
Clip bottom hackles off for slow water


Michael won a full run of Chewee Skin.

Third Place: Hidden Bead McKenzie Caddis Wet by Dave Reese
Hook: Daichi 1260 #10
Bead: 5/32 black tungsten
Thread: 6/0 black
Body: UV Chewee Skin green
Hackle: India hen natural
Wing: Deer hair
Rib: Copper ultrawire


Dave won a Renzetti soft foam fly tying tool organizer.

Congratulations. Come on by and pick up your prizes guys. Or call the shop. Everybody else, get tying! Next contest will be summer steelhead skater flies, details coming soon.

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