Great Chinook Season on the Horizon

Time to start thinking about fall chinook? Yeah, we know that summer steelhead season is barely starting to crank up, but it is never too soon to start thinking about SALMON.

Jay's Salmon Pic

Yep. The coast-wide return of spring chinook (are you happy Rob?) has been better than expected and definitely better than we have seen the last several years. I, for one, am hoping for a strong return of fall chinook in many of our coastal rivers. The run to the Elk should be GREAT. Yes it can get crowded. Yes it can take days and days of no fish, or close calls, and “shouda-been-here-yesterday” to finally connect – but when you do, it is almost unimaginably fun. OK, I admit I am over-the edge, but it is likely to be fun for anyone who catches a bright chinook on a fly.

The Elk fishery is a great one because, in spite of the crowding, it offers easy access, lots of fish, and lots of people to observe and learn from. The slow days are always interesting. The hot days (one fish) are FANTASTIC!

The Caddis Fly is offering complete rod-reel-line-backing packages at very attractive prices for folks who want to be properly equipped for this fishery. A complete coastal chinook fly fishing outfit can be built to suit your style and budget. Interested? Give the guys at the Caddis fly a call and browse the complete fly fishing outfit section of the online catalog to get an idea of the types of fly fishing combo outfits that are in the process of being assembled for your salmon angling adventures. Some great single and two-hand steelhead packages are already good-to-go and should provide an excellent opportunity for folks thinking about going after summers with a fly rod this season. And yes, there are ocean striper/blues/salmon and Bass/pike combos in the works too!


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  1. Rob R says:

    Dang, I was just settling into my desk job, and now this…

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