Weekend Weather Looking Good For Local Fishing

Log Jam upper McKenzie

Although the McKenzie has been ridiculously high of late the fishing has been “pretty darn good.” Green Drakes have been hatching throughout the entire length of the McKenzie. Pale Morning Duns are also emerging daily during ┬ábrief warming periods in between squalls. Warming air temperatures are going to get those rain soaked Golden Stoneflies and Caddis popping and laying eggs all over the river. All of our local rivers are scheduled to drop significantly over the next 72 hour period.

We have long held on the the notion that middle June can have some of the very best fishing on the McKenzie and this weekends warmth and dropping water will have fish happy and hungry. Have the previously mentioned Green Drakes, PMD’s and Brown Caddis, Golden Stones, Green Caddis, Possie Buggers, Mega Princes, Prince Nymphs, Green Drake Nymphs and Curtis Peackock Pupae. Look to fish the slower insides of corners, back eddies and slow pools until the river takes on more definition. If you are fishing above the dam check out Blue River to Finn Rock, yet to be stocked and fishing well. I had a look at it today and there are some excellent spots to fish despite the 7800+ cubic feet per second. We caught several nice wild fish in this section. The high water and rain is getting old but for the health of the river and fish we can’t do any better. Don’t let the high water keep you away from the McKenzie it is fishing well.–CD

Upper River Rainbow

Blue River to Finn 17" Rainbow

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