Fly Tying video: Captain Nate’s Lingcod Clouser Minnow

Captain Nate Stansberry’s Lingcod Clouser Minnow has accounted for some monster fish on the Oregon Coast. In this fly tying video, Nate shows you how to tie his version of Bob Clouser’s popular baitfish pattern. Nate uses materials and techniques to make the fly durable, and design elements to imitate a kelp greenling, the lingcod’s favorite food item.

Capt Nate's Lingcod Fly

DSC_3593 - 2010-04-18 at 01-58-35

Captain Nate’s Lingcod Clouser Minnow
Hook: Saltwater circle hook 4/0
Thread: Kevlar fly tying thread
Eyes: Extra Large Lead dumbbell
Tail: Saltwater Yak Hair
Flash: Flashabou

DSC_3555 - 2010-04-18 at 01-56-28 (1)


Call the shop to book a trip chasing lingcod with Captain Nate this summer 541-342-7005.

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6 Responses to Fly Tying video: Captain Nate’s Lingcod Clouser Minnow

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Nate: With flies that large, you’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  2. David Swart says:

    Cool clouser pattern with those heavy eyes you’re going to need to wear a hard hat,chuck and duck that’s the ticket.

  3. Shahab says:


  4. Rob R says:

    Casted that effing fly all day last Friday, and it was awesome. Bitch to cast, but attracts the biggest rockfish and lings!!! Thanks, Captain, as always…

  5. Michael B says:

    This is some monster fish you caught, Captain Nate. Very nice pictures. How is fishing going now?

  6. two dogs says:

    Hey guys!!!!! We need that little Captain back. Great on the water, great with customer service……. Need ’em. Make us all happy and quit running those hatchery dudes…….get the real wild thing back!!!!! Captain Nate!

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