Lower McKenzie Continues to Produce Excellent Fishing

Perfect weather and decent hatches were the order of business on the McKenzie today. The weather stabilized, at least for a day, and the fish were ready to feed. Green Caddis were not out in big numbers but when the bugs were around fish noticed them. Many of todays biggest fish were males, could spawning be over and the big boys are out to get fat and happy?

post spawn lower McKenzie buck

Rod jolting grabs early in the day. Fish taking the Possie Bugger Stonefly combination dropped off a Thingamabobber. Dead drifting the nymph rig is critical but you know the fishing is good when your flies are getting ripped before they settle into the drift or as they rise up from the bottom at drifts end.

lower McKenzie Rainbow chunk

Lower McKenzie Rainbow buck

Nymphing was consistent early in the day but around mid day we switched to swinging wets. A Possie Bugger and Chewee Skin Green McKenzie Wet fished well. Around 4pm Pale Morning Duns came off in big numbers. During the hatch swung Light Cahill wets and Sparkle Dun PMD’s were the tickets.

lower Mckenzie Cutthroat with sparkle dun pmd

The McKenzie is a bit high but a great level to keep the lower river fishing well through June. If your travel plans don’t take you far from the Eugene area this weekend have a look at the lower McKenzie River.–CD

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3 Responses to Lower McKenzie Continues to Produce Excellent Fishing

  1. Brandon says:

    What size are these flies? Especially the possie bugger.

  2. arrowood says:

    possie looks like an 8 to me? NICE ARTICLE, sounds more relaxing than the combat I’ve been in @ dexter. How do you tell the males from females?

  3. Louver says:

    Nice pics. Is that a Sage Indicator line with a bobber in the first pic? How far down is your split shot? What size split shot do your recommend during these higher levels?

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