Lend a hand for Wild Fish on the Pere Marquette

Our pal Matt Dunn from Fish Beer and Third Coast Fly is looking for some help protecting the Pere Marquette, a Great Lakes trib with amazing fish potential. The PM is home to non-native, but wild reproducing steelhead, salmon and brown trout, and one of the great Hexagenia hatches in the Midwest. Matt is looking for some emails supporting tighter angling regs on this wild river to the Michigan fisheries folks. He’s specifically targeting out-of-state anglers, so help out if you can. Fill out an email here. Get the background here.

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3 Responses to Lend a hand for Wild Fish on the Pere Marquette

  1. Rob R says:

    It’s nearly impossible to defend wild-fish management for non-native species. That may sound horrible–don’t mean it that way. I would much rather see a resource assessment of the drainage and see what can be done to restore native fishes and other fauna.

  2. Matt Dunn says:

    Rob- thanks for the feedback, though I have to disagree that it is impossible to defend wild-fish management for non-native species because I will be defending it below, ergo, it is not impossible to defend.

    I’d love to have grayling and brook trout back in the PM as much as anyone, but the Great Lakes are so screwed its not even funny, screwed ecologically, economically, socially in some ways. In light of our current predicament, I’ve come to grips with the fact that 100 year old wild runs of steelhead and salmon are the best we’re able to do and I tend to think it’s pretty good, not to mention the brown trout. Wild brown trout are managed for all over the country and the world. Again, as much as I’d like to see 15″ brook trout rising to a month long sulfur hatch on Penns Creek in PA, it just ain’t never gon’ happen dude, for a lot of reasons. So lets keep those big fat wild browns in the river because they sure are pretty and they sure are fun to catch and they sure do approximate the ecological role of native salmonids.

    I suppose this means you don’t want to hear about our carp trips, eh?

  3. Rob R says:

    Sorry, Matt, but until I see the full assessment, including historical, I cannot make an informed decision or be an advocate. I certainly respect your position, and I recognize I’m a ____hole.

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