Tying the Chromie Chironomid

In this short video Barrett demonstrates how to tie a simple but effective Chironomid pattern. The white bead head and slender body are the keys to the effectiveness of this pattern. Fish it under an indicator at various lengths depending up the Chironomid activity on your favorite still-water.–CD


Chromie Chironomid

Hook: TMC 2457 or Daiichi 1120 #10-14
Thread: Uni-Thread Black 8/0
Bead: White to Match Hook size
Rib: Ultra Wire Red Brassie Size
Body: Lagartun Flat Silver Tinsel

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  1. This is an adaptation of a Phil Rowley pattern. The original calls for a silver bead , a tuft of white antron over the eye and a narrow peacock herl collar behind the bead. VERY effective pattern.

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