Monster Cutthroat: Omak Lake Report

Chad Helms and Greg Taylor of our local Corps of Engineers office made a recent trip to Omak Lake, Washington. Thanks for the report and photos guys looks like a great spot to make an annual trip.–CD

Here are a few pics from our annual pilgrimage up north. The weather was cool and very windy and made for some tough fishing. We pretty much got blown off the water every day, but managed to find a few protected bays or backwaters to salvage the day. This year Greg T. took home the award of the biggest fish. He caught a nice fish that was pushing 30″. We caught several fish in the 24″-26″ range and lots in the 20″-24″ range. We definitely had to work for them this year. With the cold spring, there were not many cruisers and we found most of the fish just off shore. It was a great trip and pretty nice to have the whole lake to yourself!!!!

omak cut

omak cut

omak cut

omak cutthroat

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3 Responses to Monster Cutthroat: Omak Lake Report

  1. Rob R says:

    Greg rocks. Nice to have a good man on the inside.

  2. Jim says:

    I live in MW Washington and would like to know more about this lake. Is flyfishing only or ?.
    If fly only what works late summer?
    Thamks Jim

  3. Mike Graening says:

    Dang, those are some big fish. Were Greg and Chad fishing out of a 16 ft Klamath?
    If so, Greg caught that big one on a black Intruder : )

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