Tying the UV Chewee Skin Mini Stone

This spring we have been playing with UV materials in our fly patterns quite a bit. The UV Cahill fished very nicely this spring and a scaled back “creamier one” is bound to kill during the PMD hatch coming on daily in the lower river. The UV Chewee Skin Green Caddis Soft hackle has been doing it’s damage as well. With Green Caddis emerging it ┬áhas fished all day long, swung down and across.

In the latest of our UV Chewee Skin patterns Barrett ties a Mini Stone with the material. The Mini Stone sinks very nicely for it’s size and fishes well on the McKenzie, Middle Fork and Deschutes to name a few. Fish it with another small nymph like a Copper John, Pheasant Tail or small Possie Bugger. We are really becoming beleivers in the fact that UV colors make a difference, we suggest you give it a try in some of your patterns as well.–CD

UV Chewee skin mini stone

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