Eugene area Summer Steelhead Report

Early summer steelhead fishing has been a hit or miss game in our local rivers. Water levels are a bit up, but the clarity in the Willamette and McKenzie is fine. We have been floating a couple times a week for the past few weeks and found fish on about half of the trips. It still seems a bit early for an epic, multi-fish day, but finding one fish helps your mood. At the end of the floats(especially when skunked) I look forward to getting home to see the updated fish counts, which have not let me down yet with the promise of awesome summer steelhead days to come.

jason's summer run

Flies to be using to get these fish to move in higher water conditions: MOAL Leech, Signature Intruder, Bush’s Town Run, Pick Yer Pocket, and larger nymph and egg patterns.–JC

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3 Responses to Eugene area Summer Steelhead Report

  1. Louver says:

    Fine fish, and your hard work is being rewarded. However, what is that on your head? Please, is it possible for you to consider another style of hat verses the “Gangsta” lo0k?

  2. John says:

    Litttle Grizly Green in the tray…nice…nice!

  3. ecneubert says:

    good eye on the Green Griz, nice touch.

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