Quigley’s Green Drake Emerger fly tying video

In this fly tying video Barrett demonstrates how to tie one of our favorite Green Drake Emerger patterns. This “Quigley” style fly fishes in the surface film and works great during a Green Drake hatch. You can vary the size depending upon the size of your water’s Green Drakes. The Ostrich fibers in the pattern hanging and “breathing” as this fly dead drifts over picky fish seem to make the difference.–CD

Green Drake Emerger

Green Drake Emerger

Hook: TMC 200R #10,12 or Daiichi 1270
Thread: Uni 6/0 Black or Olive
Shuck: Olive Antron
Body: Olive Ostrich
Rib: Yellow Ultra Wire
Wing: Deer Hair
Hackle: Olive Grizzly Dry Fly Hackle

If you don’t have the dyed grizzly use a Chart Pack Pen Pale Olive Color

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