UV March Brown Wet Cahill fly tying video

In this fly tying video Barrett adds a modern twist to a classic and highly effective wet fly pattern. Spring time on western waters mean swinging wet flies for trout and steelhead. The wet cahill has worked for over 100 years and continues to be a favorite.

Ultraviolet colored fly tying materials in both steelhead and trout patterns can really make a difference. The UV color range opens up new possibilities for the fly tyer and often improves the “fishability” of any give pattern.

March Brown Cahill UV Dub

UV March Brown Cahill

Hook: TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1560 # 12
Thread: Dk. Brown Uni 6/0
Tail: Wood Duck flank feather fibers
Rib: Ultra Wire Brown or Copper
Body: Tan UV Ice Dub
Hackle: India Hen Back
Wing: Wood Duck Flank Feather

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2 Responses to UV March Brown Wet Cahill fly tying video

  1. Michael Webb says:

    Nice fly Barrett, just tied a few up.

  2. Don Mear says:

    Just ran across this pattern and it’s a nice Dark kinda Cahill Wet fly which would be great in Colorado in the fall. I whacked a couple of Woodies and will tie this up and test it out, albeit winter here.

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