Jay’s Winter Steelhead Simplicity: Fly tying video

In Jay Nicholas‘s latest fly tying video he uses Saltwater Neck Hackle to create a collar for his Winter Steelhead Simplicity pattern. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors on this great looking fly. Imagine a purple and black combo, or a green flat braid rear and a black Senyo Laser Dubbed front body.

Jay’s Winter Steelhead Simplicity
Hook: Daiichi 2151 # 1,2
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Rear Body: Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Holo Silver
Rib: Lagartun Oval Gold Tinsel
Body: Senyo’s Laser Yarn
Collar 1: Polar Chenille UV Gold
Head: Liquid Fusion
Turner: For Drying

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  1. David Jensen says:

    This isn’t directly related to Jay’s last pattern, but…. Saturday is the last day for this year’s Steelhead Train from Minam. I think it is sold out, but you can call the Minam Motel to see. It may never run again. This year the Wallowa, Grande Ronde, Minam, and Imnaha rivers have INCREDIBLE numbers of fly-taking fish. Get there. I do not know the season end, it’s either 4/1 or 4/15. Last weekend steelhead gobbling # 8 Prince nymphs 18″ behind Stonefly nymphs used to take the goods to the bottom. About 6′ leader + the 18″. These little flies hooked and landed many, and straightened many more hooks with long line releases, but were the answer. If you can’t get on the train, locals can tell you about fishing around Minam or down at the Grande Ronde/Wallowa confluence. Get ’em, don’t miss this! Stampede Inn in Elgin ($50/ night single) a great deal. 3 restaurants in Elgin. Minam Motel may have rooms, but bring your own food.

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