Middle Fork of the Willamette March Report

The Middle Fork of the Willamette river is currently flowing at about 400 cubic feet per second, this is  super low and makes the river extremely accessible on foot.  The water below Black Canyon Campground normally slow and lake influenced, is now  miles of water flowing into Lookout Point Reservoir. All of this water is walk-able from Hampton Campground on the Hwy 58 side or by heading towards Lowell from the Westfir side and walking in the lake bed. This section sees very little pressure but is well worth a look.

The Middle Fork gets Blue Winged Olive, March Brown, small dark caddis and Skwala Stone Fly hatches this time of year. On overcast days look for better surface activity with Blue Wings and March Browns. In the bright sun go deep with Mega Prince’s, Curtis Get Stoned Stonefly, Beldar’s Double Bead Stonefly Nymph.

This past Saturday I floated the stretch between Greenwaters Park and Black Canyon. What little Gluvit left on the bottom of my boat was pretty well scraped off. The sun was out and we saw zero surface activity. However we did find some fish on nymphs, fishing shorter off the Thingamabobber than I usually do, just 3-4 feet. The runs are pretty obvious with the lack of water so cast to the dark green stuff and get a nice dead drift.

I had a couple of young guys in the boat sharing their birthday.  Jim Becker started the day off with a Salmon Creek Hatchery escapee.

salmon creek escapee

Tim stuck this gorgeous whitefish just below Oakridge


Nice double from the twins.

becker double

Becker B-day

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4 Responses to Middle Fork of the Willamette March Report

  1. Karl Mueller says:

    I fished it Sunday. Pretty much the same deal. There was pretty much no way through Hell’s Gate without whacking a rock.

    Some water would be nice.

  2. Randall Clark says:

    nice report…

    where did you guys put in? I think I might have seen you guys near the mouth of a certain creek just above Oakridge…alas, I was shorebound, but did fine.

  3. Vin says:

    Those guys look a lot older than 75 to me!

  4. Those jolly old guys make me smile. When i’m an old fart i want to be like them, lol. Would you be interested in exchanging links? I would be happy to. Click on my name to see my site.

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