Jay’s Marabou Simplicity Steelhead Fly tying video

Jay Nicholas’s Marabou Simplicity is an easy-to-tie steelhead pattern for winter and summer fish. Jay demonstrates how to palmer marabou in this video and puts together a great pattern for swinging up big steelhead.

Jay's Marabou Simplicity

Jay’s Marabou Simplicity steelhead fly
Hook: TMC 7999 sizes 2-4
Thread: Lagartun x-strong 150 denier
Rib: Lagartun small oval silver tinsel
Body: Dubbed STS purple or Hareline custom blend purple
Colar: Hot Pink and Purple Extra-select Marabou
Wing: Flashabou Mirage

Be sure to check out our Steelhead Fly Patterns library for more steelhead fly tying instructions.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Great fly! I can’t wait to see the low water version!

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