McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition postcard signing party Monday

We’re hosting our McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition postcard signing party on Monday, from 4-6pm at The Caddis Fly Shop. This event, sponsored by Ninkasi, will allow you to voice your concerns over the McKenzie River trout hatchery program to state and local politicians, tourism agency officials and fisheries managers.



The McKenzie Hatchery issue is snowballing into a major debate, which is fundamentally important to the future health of Oregon’s fisheries. This is not just about trout in 35 miles of river. It’s about sending a message to ODFW that we do not approve of planting hatchery fish on top of healthy ecosystems and wild populations. It’s about educating the public on the trade off we are making when we support hatchery programs that impact our native fish.

Hatchery fish have their place, in habitat that can’t support healthy runs of native species.

Despite our differences, both sides in this debate wants what’s best for wild fish. It’s up to us to create the political conditions for the agency to do the right thing for our limited remaining wild fisheries.

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3 Responses to McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition postcard signing party Monday

  1. Monica says:

    I will be there and I am bringing a whole bucket of ink pens!

    See ya there 😀

  2. Rick Allen says:

    here, here!

  3. Monica says:

    Thanks guys for the free beer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and damn good beer btw. Also for stepping up once again, I really enjoyed some good company and excellent conversation. We have some very fine people involved in a critical fight on such a unique fishery… what a shame that this majestic river and the natives ever ended up as a plastic put and take fish fry.

    How is it that this fishery ever got to this point? – How is it that this great state of ours in the Pacific Northwest no less, came to depend on the inferior hatchery product to begin with….

    I am proud however that some great folks are stepping up to take ownership of a solution and to you, thank you so very much….

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