We need you to raise your voice for Native Trout Monday Night

Attention Native Trout supporters on the McKenzie River: We need you Monday night at the ODFW Inland Sport Fishing Advisory Committee meeting. This’s committee will be discussing its draft of the 25-year angling plan which you can download here. This plan is 100% geared towards selling more licenses for agency coffers, with little attention paid to our dwindling native fish stocks.

Tom Wolf, Oregon State Council Chair of Trout Unlimited is on the committee and said that the agency plans to dramatically increase trout stocking to boost license sales around the state. Tom requested that the reduction/removal of hatchery trout on the McKenzie be on the agenda for this meeting, so it is very important for everyone to show up in support.

The meeting will be Monday 2/8/2010 in Springfield, OR at the 162nd Infantry Regiment Readiness Center, Room 147 from 6-9 pm. The address is 3106 Pierce Parkway, Springfield, 97477.

We will be printing signs with the new logo for the McKenzie Native Trout Coalition (designed by Trout Unlimited’s Brent Ross!) and we’d like to make sure everybody at the meeting has one in their hand. See us at the meeting to pick up your sign.

McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition

If you are a guide or business owner and would like to be added to our list of coalition members, email me.

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8 Responses to We need you to raise your voice for Native Trout Monday Night

  1. Craig Heaton says:

    Save me a sign, I’ll be there!


  2. Arlen says:

    I’m hoping that the McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition is going to grow, including more guides, fishing and other organizations with an interest in increased native trout populations, and members of the public. If done right, the end result will benefit everyone.

    It seems like a good idea to bring spouses and friends, who are after all concerned citizens, to the meeting.

  3. Michael Webb says:


  4. Chris Deppa says:

    I really like the logo, and I wish you guys the best of luck tomorrow night. Native fish are more important than license sales!

  5. Moon says:

    See you there….

    i’m wondering just how honest ODFW plans on being as they present this plan of theirs?

  6. David Jensen says:

    McKenzie River Guides Association met yesterday, and approved a revised policy position on the planter controversy. Chris Daughters and I attended, and spoke against the policy. The vote was about 50-2; Chris and I were the 2. There were some positives. A tweaking of the original policy, and a commitment to work with TU and other constituent groups on the issue. Chris and I were treated with courtesy, and thanked for presenting our views “in the lions’ den” by the president. This organization has an incredible track record on issues which are important to preserving the watershed and native trout. Despite my disagreement with the improved policy statement, I am remaining an active member of both MRGA and TU. Before lambasting MRGA, remember what it contributes to the river cleanup, outhouse pumping, neighborhood watch at the landings, life jacket loans, boat landing improvements, and scholarships to McKenzie Valley kids. In my view, it/we are wrong on 1 issue, but a very valuable resource on the bigger picture. I am going to continue my work within and without MRGA to enhance the native fishery.

  7. First, I want to thank you folks for organizing wild trout advocates to attend tonight. I trust the meeting was well attended.
    Second, I want to report my extreme frustration/disappointment/shock at not being able to attend myself. The meeting was scheduled for three hours, 6pm to 9pm. Because of family commitments I could not arrive until 6:45. At that time I was greeted by a closed gate at a military installation, with no means to enter. Unbelievable to me that a PUBLIC MEETING would be held on a gated and locked facility. At the gate I called the phone numbers for the facility and asked that the commanding officer open the gate. No luck. I also called the BLM/USFS number and asked that the gate be opened. No luck.
    Wow — a three hour meeting, I wanted to attend the 2 hours and 15 minutes of it to express my support for wild fish, and I am greeted by a locked gate.
    Seeing as it was scheduled and run by the ODFW that seems to have a collective agency closed mind, the symbolism, metaphor and not least, irony are absolutely thick.
    I, of course, am going to share this experience with my representatives on the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the chair, Marla Rae, and anyone else who can listen.
    Finally, I was not the only citizen turned away. While I sat in my car trying to gain access two other rigs pulled up, found the gate closed and drove off in frustration.
    Thanks again to all who attended. Derek

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