Trip Report: San Pedro Belize Bonefish

Kathy McCartney sends us this report from her recent trip to Belize. Kathy is a veteran to Belize and is happy to assist with with information if anglers have a trip in mind. Send us an email if you have questions.–CD

San Pedro, Belize, January 13, 2010

It was cold and windy the day I caught this bonefish. Tarpon flats were turned over with a north wind so permit and tarpon fishing were out. We saw a group of bones from a little road we were on in our golf cart. The wading in to fish was ankle to knee deep in sucky muck in most places, but worth the effort. With tailing bonefish and some good cruisers around, we had plenty of shots and hookups. Keeping the back casts high to clear the thick mangroves all the while keeping an eye out for sea-going crocodiles. The sea-going crocs nest in the mangroves in the spring and there were 5 crocs (Bad Boy, Big Willie, etc. – the locals have them named) up to 14 feet in length known to inhabit the area that we were fishing. Good fishing sometimes requires some creative effort and apparently, the crocs had already eaten that day! Thank God!

Belize Bonefish

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  1. Rick Allen says:

    Nice fish Kathy!

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