January Trout fishing on the McKenzie

Winter indicator fishing

Although I did not have a thermometer yesterday afternoon the water temperature was “fish friendly” enough.

Winter Trout on the McKenzie

We spotted one March Brown, a couple of Winter Stones and a few Beatis. The only sipping on the surface was in very slow water.

The few fish we caught were  on the Mega Prince, fished under a Thingamabobber about 6 feet.

The McKenzie did rise yesterday evening and had a steel gray green color to it. Look for it to drop during the next couple of days and for warm afternoons to be very productive. All indications are we are going to have a fine early trout season on the McKenzie and Willamette.–CD

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7 Responses to January Trout fishing on the McKenzie

  1. Mark Stangeland says:

    That guy in the picture is the MAN!

  2. troy says:

    Thank you for submitting some pics and a quick article on the local river I’m always curious about. You all do a great job of giving everyone a look at all kinds of waters but I know I won’t get to those waters until my debts are paid and I can truly afford to go. It was very refreshing to see the Mack article today, thank you. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Arlen says:

    A March Brown already? Good news.

  4. Rob R says:

    Saw one on the coast Sunday in the middle of an epic BWO hatch. Some nice cutts around, too, some already post-spawn, others nice and fat.

  5. David Jensen says:

    Thank you for the photo of a fish I might catch. I see these photos of winter steelhead, and I slip deeper into dispare; I’ll never catch a winter fish on a fly. I’m back at it Thursday…McKenzie or Siuslaw?

  6. jay nicholas says:

    Beautiful wild McKenzie rainbow. Female. Partially spawned, could be 3, 4, or 5 years old. My guess anyway. Other thoughts?

  7. Dick Shinton says:

    I’m a trout guide here in Colorado. I have (non-fishing) relatives in Eugene and PDX. Thinking about coming out later this month or early Mar. Are there wade fishing opportunities on the MacKenzie? Anybody willing to share some ideas about where, ehat flies to use, etc? Thanks

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