Making the case for Simms boot foot waders

I bought some Simms boot foot waders last spring and they hung in my garage all summer. In the last two months, though, I chose to wear these, instead of my usual stocking-foots, while fishing on the beach, and from my pram and driftboat.

Man-oh-man they are nice. Convenient.

Here’s what inspired me. Step one: place waders next to my feet. Step two: slip one foot out of driving footwear and slide directly into wader boot. Step three: repeat step two with other foot. Step four: pull up waders, strap on wading belt, and go fishing.

Jay Nicholas Simms Boot Foot

Jay Nicholas Simms Boot Foot

The procedure at the end of the day is just a simple.

Am I giving up on my stocking foots? Nope. In fact, I would not recommend these non-studded boots in places like the Siletz Gorge, Lower Alsea, North Umpqua, or Deschutes. Those are the places where I really need cleats.

But for river reaches dominated by sand or gravel like the McKenzie, the Nestucca, the Lower Trask, the Elk and Sixes – these easy wading rivers are perfect for boot foot waders.

Oh by the way, they are warm on these windy, mid thirties’ pre-dawn ventures into darkness.

Experiencing the on-and-off ease of Simms boot foot reminded me of the old neoprene Streamline boot foot waders I wore in the 80s. Anyone else remember how nice those were compared to SealDris?


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4 Responses to Making the case for Simms boot foot waders

  1. Rob R says:

    there’s nothing better for boat fishing than boot-foot waders. and if you’re fishing with other dudes, it’s fun to tease them as they struggle with their laces and gravel guards, all bent over.

    but could they be too convenient? like spinning tackle?

  2. Cole says:

    LOL, on the spinning tackle comment.

    How about a fergus moal leech video tutorial? I am dying to learn the ins and outs of tying one.


  3. I actually think that stockingfoot waders are way more comfortable. They do no pull the way that bootfoot ones tend to.

  4. Bootfoots rock. They are the awnser! Cold feet ?No more.

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