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Deschutes Basin Whirling Disease Report
Via the Oregon Trout Unlimited Social Media site: Two OSU researchers just released this study funded by PGE which examines the risk of establishment of whirling disease in the Lower Deschutes, and subsequently in the Upper Deschutes as fish passage above the Pelton – Round Butte Hydro Complex is established. The (admittedly, vastly oversimplified) takeaway messages from this study are that while whirling disease is currently present sporadically in both the lower and upper basin (likely introduced via stray hatchery steelhead), it is not currently “established,” and is not likely to become established based on limitations in the aquatic environment making it a less-than-optimal place for the parasite and the host worm to take hold.

Follow link for full report.

Molalla scores Wild and Scenic designation
Via the FFF’s Osprey blog: The House of Representatives voted yesterday to extend Wild and Scenic protections to Oregon’s Molalla River. The Molalla is one of the Willamette River’s most important tributaries. Wild and Scenic designation will provide added protection for the river and its fish.

Snaggers vs. Anglers video
Via Steelie Mike’s blog, a funny video about salmon snaggers

ODFW publishes fishing and outdoor recreation spending data
If you’re interested in county-by-county spending on fishing and other outdoor pursuits, ODFW has released 2008 spending estimates.

Fly Fish Journal gots a blog!
Possibly the best print fishing magazine around, Fly Fish Journal has a blog.

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