Deschutes Fall Trip 09; A Passage in Time

Mid October brought some fine fall weather from Trout Creek to Harpham.
TMC Fall 09 075

This Fall trip was special, I brought along my son a recent U of O grad. His first overnight trip was age 8. He’s older now and much stronger or simply stated: less boat bags to haul, less rowing, and more camp help!
TMC Fall 09 072

After a few pointers from someone who had a bit more Deschutes experience, he seemed to get the hang of it:
TMC Fall 09 050

TMC Fall 09 048

Whitehorse always provides those “pucker moments in time” but we all safely passed and headed down river. It’s always about the knuckles: stay too far left your headed for the can opener, stay too far right, and your boat becomes an aluminum bell chime.

TMC Fall 09 036

Bottom line a great fall trip and a very special time.


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  1. matt r says:

    Lou, Great to see you out there, as always. That trout fishing was insane! MR

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