New Hareline fly tying contest: Unibobber patterns

For our next Hareline Dubbin fly tying contest, we’re looking for your best original patterns using Unibobbers.

Contest rules are the same as last time. We want to see your best Unibobber pattern, either an original or your own spin on a classic. Fly Tying Unibobbers are sure to keep your fly floating. We have used them as parachute posts with great success. See Barrett’s Unibobber example pattern.


Come by the shop and pick up your free Unibobbers. Email Chris with your address if you’re from out of town and we’ll mail you your Unibobbers. Drop off two finished flies at The Caddis Fly Shop, along with paperwork that includes the fly pattern name, material list, your name and address, and either email or phone number for contact. You will not get the flies back — one will go to Hareline and one will go to the shop. Bob Borden and the folks from Hareline Dubbin will be judge of the fly patterns.

If you are not local, please send your flies in the mail to the shop.

First prize is a new StonFo C-clamp fly tying vise. Second prize is a Dr. Slick fly tying tool kit. And third prize is a Dr. Slick scissor pack.

Stonfo c-clamp fly tying vise

Dr. Slick Fly tying tool kit

Dr. Slick Scissor pack

Turn these in by Dec 10th. to be eligible.

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8 Responses to New Hareline fly tying contest: Unibobber patterns

  1. I find it very interesting competition with various theme and what I hope will last long.

  2. Randy says:

    ugh…more of those things?

  3. Oh man, what to make?

    Thanks for offering to send the bobbers to us who are not lucky enough to live at the confluence of two such great rivers.

  4. Matt Eifler says:

    Question: Is the contest limited to trout patterns only?

  5. Matt Stansberry says:

    Nope. Any pattern you want to tie w/ a UniBobber will work.

  6. two dogs says:

    I think the best bet for those things is that we just put a clip on one and put it on that back of Nate’s jacket. When he falls off his boat it’s sure to keep him floating and we’ll just call it a “blue emerger”…. That ought to be good for some sort of prize right there…..

  7. two dogs says:

    So Here Is How I Am Going to Use Some:

    As Weights…..Ha…..Unisinkers. They work great! Since they are HARDWARE, you need to drill two little holes in them; one for air to escape, one for whatever you put in, i.e. silicon, epoxy, etc. I did several with different materials for different weights. I use some clips I picked up at the electronics store. Works pretty well. This will help to get those pesky nymphs down in fast water when time is important.

  8. two dogs says:

    So, I’m actually getting kinda excited to see what you guys come up with on this deal. I already spelled the beans…so to speak, with my “blue emerger” for Capt. Nate. But I can still feel the excitment in the air. I used up all my others for “sinkers” but I still went out the other day to try and get some ideas. Where else? To the HARDWARE stores. You got it. But hardware stores aren’t what they used to be….not a lot of hands on stuff in bins like the good old days. So, what to do? Build a gill net for leprecans and Nate? or really attempt to put this deal together like a champ. The traditional drys are a hard adaptation. Most are too small (can you imagine a Griffiths Gnat under one of those?); or just too traditional……you can’t make me do it to a Royal Coachman type of thing. So, I’m thinking something that fits sizewise and is just subsurface and maybe just a little untraditional….. See, that gets us into Steelhead, Cuts, Trout, Salmon….bigger patterns right away. Hmm. And……..and maybe just maybe more than one of these things on the pattern? Now that would be a HARDWARE show. Would almost make you want to break out the old pop gear. Best of luck to you guys.

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