Local Fall Fishing Update

Fishing  held up nicely this past week despite some very cold and wet conditions. The coming weeks prediction is for gorgeous weather and ideal river levels for both trout and steelhead fishing. The McKenzie is fishing well in it’s entirety. The Middle Fork of the Willamette is also excellent above and below Hills Creek Reservoir. Small creeks and rivers like Horse Creek, the South Fork of the McKenzie, Salt Creek, and Salmon Creek are fishing well as the clock ticks to their close October 31st.

Warm weather will reinvigorate the small Caddis, Short Winged Stoneflies, and October Caddis hatches that have been suppressed with the cold. When it did cool down, and we know it will again, look for Blue Winged Olives, Lesser Green Drakes, Gray Drake and Pale Evening Duns.

Steelhead Fishing has been great when the McKenzie and Willamette have been in shape. Things were a bit tough when the water jumped up out of Dexter Dam this past week but levels are ideal right now. Warm afternoons lack of fishing pressure have the fish taking swung leeches and egg patterns.–CD











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3 Responses to Local Fall Fishing Update

  1. Joe says:

    yer killin’ me.
    (stuck in office this week)
    but thanks, really…

  2. Dave R says:

    beautiful fish. I had a really good day (for me) last Saturday wading in the McKenzie . landed 5, lost a REALLY nice 20+” rainbow and lost another that was in the 12-14″ category. ALL landed fish were native and were all caught between Blue River and Leaburg.

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