Tungsten Ice Prince joins “Local Hall of Fame” Ranks with Possie Bugger, Mega Prince

 Black Ice prince


The Tungsten Ice Prince  nymph pattern has been a tremendous fish catching fly this late summer fall season. It  employs a Tungsten Bead and Hareline Dubbin’s best selling dubbing Ice Dub. It is a simple twist on a standard pattern that has been slaying fish for decades. Learn to tie it here.


Some fly patterns just nail the size relative to weight  perfect and the fly is able to sink at a high rate while maintaining it’s buggy yet imitative state. Most anglers have fished the standard Prince Nymph and know how successful it can be.  Using Ice Dub instead of peacock in the Ice Prince adds durability and density.  Both the black and peacock Tungsten Ice Prince have fished great for me, Blue Steelie is another great looking Ice Dub that one could use when tying their own patterns. Larger sizes of the Tungsten Ice Prince have caught adult and  Half Pounder steelhead on the Rogue River. These larger sizes will also work great with egg patterns when nymphing behind spawning salmon.–CD

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