Oregon’s Alpine Lakes last hurrah


Timing is everything and there are far to many places to be, and fish to catch this time of year. Barrett chose a short walk into a beautiful Alpine Lake with his family and was handsomely rewarded with several large fish (over 20 in.)





He was using a clear intermediate line and 3x Seagar Fluorocarbon and an Olive Wooly Bugger.–CD

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10 Responses to Oregon’s Alpine Lakes last hurrah

  1. WCM says:

    And GPS coordinates are………..

  2. T.Hunter says:

    Nice brown, Looks like Montana.

  3. Strickland says:

    where was this?

  4. Caddisfly says:

    What is it about this blog and no clothing?

  5. Michael Webb says:

    Looks like fly fishing heaven.

  6. b-christ says:

    Don’t hate!

  7. Rob R says:

    effing rad, barrett. killer shots, sweet fishes!!

  8. Matt Siegmund says:

    You never take me any where nice Barrett.

  9. brandon t says:

    There’s only one hike in lake in oregon with those. But never had the pleasure to fish it. Those are some

  10. Brian says:

    Beautiful Brown buddy! Hopefully released to have more where that came from! 🙂

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