Inventing Montana, Dispatches from the Madison Valley

Inventing Montana by Ted Leeson

Fans of Ted Leeson will be very pleased to know that his latest book, Inventing Montana, Dispatches from the Madison Valley, is now available at the Caddis Fly. Leeson is well known as one of the most artful and articulate voices in angling literature. His previous books include The Habit of Rivers and Jerusalem Creek, both acclaimed as instant classics by the likes of Tom McGuane, John Geirach, and Nick Lyons.

Inventing Montana

Our advance copy of Inventing Montana came with a handwritten note from Nick Lyons, one of fly-fishing’s most gifted and prolific publishers. Nick’s letter states: “It’s one of the two or three best fly-fishing books I’ve handled in more than forty years of publishing.” Say no more, Nick. We’re on it!


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