Prince nymph variation fly tying video: Ice dub prince

This variation of the classic Prince Nymph uses Ice Dub from Hareline Dubbin and is a great pattern for imitating green drake nymphs in the Willamette Valley, McKenzie River region of Oregon.


Ice Dub Prince
Hook: TMC 5262 Size 6-10
Thread: 6/0 unithread
Bead: 3/16 gold bead
Weight: .025 lead
Tail: Brown biot
Rib: Small oval gold tinsel
Body: Ice Dub — olive and peacock
Wing case: White biot
Hackle: Brown hen

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3 Responses to Prince nymph variation fly tying video: Ice dub prince

  1. Brian says:

    Awesome– I’ve never fished ’em that big before… I’ll give it a try– looks like it will make a great lead fly to sink some smaller stuff and move some fish to it

    I tie a tiny #16 bh prince nymph with the peacock black ice dub for winter fishing and it’s been stellar

  2. David Swart says:

    Awesome tye like to tye my with a tmc 200r,just like the bend in my flies,but starting using ice dub peacock makes a stronger fly,and looks awesome to.

  3. Tom says:

    This fly works great out East (N. Georgia) when the water is running high and a little stained. Like they say “Go big or go home”

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