Barrett’s Pelagic Baitfish: Bluewater streamer for Oregon Albacore

In this new fly tying video, check out Barrett’s Pelagic Baitfish, a great pattern for offshore saltwater fly fishing. This fly has all the action to imitate a variety of pelagic baitfish — match the bait with different sizes and colors.

Barrett’s Pelagic Baitfish: Fly tying video from Matt Stansberry on Vimeo.


Barrett’s Pelagic Baitfish
Hook: 3/0 SC152H Gamakatsu
Thread: 6/0 Unithread
Tail: White Bucktail
Flash: Pearl and Silver Flashabou
Body: Flat holographic silver braid
Wing: White bucktail, Blue Bucktail, UV Herring-back
Throat: White bucktail
Eye: 3/8 Mirage Eye
Head: Epoxy

Use the Flex Coat Cordless Big Wheel epoxy fly turner from Hareline to turn your epoxy heads.

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  1. steve laboucherie says:

    hi , am steve from Mauritius.. Am s fan of fishing that great seeing you tight this flies amazing but unfortunately we don’t have that kinds of fly here… i would be grateful if we could keep in contact ok here is my email add( have a nice day n take care bye

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