Ocean fishing trips now available!

For those who might be interested in ocean fly fishing and light tackle opportunities your time has arrived! We are now booking trips for rockfish and limited offshore species. The Oregon coast is a spectacular setting and something new to many. Please inquire about rates and custom trips are available. The fishing is hot right now, but this is a year round fishery as conditions allow.–CD





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  1. Laredo says:

    Nate, does this mean I must remove you from my sucker & whitefish guided trip list for the remainder of the season?

  2. Rob R says:

    It’s not every day that an Oregon fly shop staffs a sea captain. In fact, it’s a big deal. Even Glenn Young, one of the few Oregon fly guides to spend his summers in the ocean, chartered other captains. Nate is helping to take Oregon’s saltwater flyfishing scene to a new level. He brings many years of east-coast knowledge and he has proven himself on our coast with over a year of exploration and success.

    Nate is the fishiest guy I know, and a genuinely nice guy. He is also fearless when it comes to taking on big water and big fish, so it’s a good thing the Coast Guard will be in charge of whether or not he goes over the bar each day.

    His boat is like a floating living room with nice wide-open casting areas, as well as a nice cab area where guests can hide from heavy ocean spray. Perhaps the best thing about his boat is the complex V-hull design. Even in heavy chop, you’ll feel like you’re riding on a cushion.

    Wind and weather rule Nate’s life. If the weather is too “nice,” it can bring up the Northwest wind and force him inside the bar before lunchtime. If the weather’s too nasty, he’ll have to fish the estuaries, creeping out on the jetties as far as the breakers allow.

    But when the weather stabilizes like it has this week (and next week), Nate will be running outside for a smorgasboard of kick-ass fish, from mega-hot silvers and kings to grabby rockfish, ling cod, greenling, and the occasional rogue blue shark. He’s also been known to hoist a few crab pots and dig up buckets of clams.

    Nate knows that once you’ve experienced the bounty of the ocean, it gets in your head. Maybe it’s the seafood feasts, the incledible scenery, the grandeur of the ocean, and the massive display of vibrant life above and below the near-shore area. We fly anglers are used to seeing the cycle of life working out between the bugs, the trout, the birds and rivers. In Nate’s world the bugs are bait fish, squid, shrimp and jelly fish. The hatches bring up schools of fish the size of Autzen Stadium, and thanks to the sea birds, you can see them happening from a mile away.

    Pretty cool stuff. Go get ’em Nate!!

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