Trout Unlimited Chapter 678 braves Deschutes Scorcher

Members of Trout Unlimited Chapter 678 (McKenzie-Upper Willamette) braved the Deschutes River — floating Warm Springs to Trout Creek last weekend. Word on the streets from Warren Moran was, the trip can be summed up as follows:


1. It was a hot mofo
2. The fish were mostly dinks
3. Greg Hatten likes to drink scotch while he fishes.
4. The rest of us drink scotch mostly after dinner
5. And it was hot

But we’d do it again (in September)

Photos by Brent Ross:



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4 Responses to Trout Unlimited Chapter 678 braves Deschutes Scorcher

  1. brent says:

    Maybe next time we will catch “quite a few” fish.

  2. kent says:

    Three of us were on the same stretch on Wednesday, 7/22, with a guide. Same results except we caught a lot of whitefish, we saw the biggest rattlesnake I’ve ever seen on the Deschutes, and we didn’t have any scotch.

  3. greg says:

    My additions…
    * Warren’s chili was worth the trip
    * Rick drives “old school” like a pro and snores!
    * Dave has a cool bedroll
    * Brent has a cool hat
    * Mark & Chris use two hands
    * Scott is a true River Rat

  4. Jim says:

    Wife and I made the trip from Trout Creek to Maupin the 22nd thru the 25th. Fishing was slow, 3-4 fish a day, but good sized ones. I also hooked two steelhead(!!) fishing soft hackles and sparkle pupa off an island along the Deschutes River Club property. The second broke a 3x tippet just after it got me into the backing. Other than that, we expected better fishing for this time of year. We will not complain, however, that we saw VERY few people in four days on that stretch–hard to believe it was the height of the summer rafting season.

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