Bamboo Rod Fair this weekend at Camp Sherman on Metolius

Be sure to check out the Bamboo Rod Fair, this weekend, July 18th-19th, 10am-5pm Saturday and 10am-3pm Sunday at Camp Sherman on the Metolius. This was a very cool event last year, packed with fly fishing experts from around the state.

We just caught up with Chet Croco, of Genuine Bellinger Bamboo Fly Rods to chat about what’s new at the event for 2009.

Bellinger Bamboo Fly Rods

What’s new this year at the festival?
There will be more bamboo rodmakers, vintage tackle and bamboo rod dealers, fly tiers and angling art and book enthusiasts then in years past. Jason Borger, Brad Pitt’s stunt double in A River Runs Through It, will be doing casting demonstrations and clinics. And local Metolius River legend, John Judy will be on hand to discuss Metolius River tackle and techniques. A representative from ODFW will also be on hand giving a presentation on the Metolius River basin and all things trout. The Bamboo Rod Fair is in its eighth year and this year promises to be the best.

Are you bringing anything up there you’re excited about?
We have a couple things we’re excited about. We are showing off a new taper that we’ve developed that is an “old school” progressive taper that is absolutely wonderful to cast. We’ve come out with a couple reproduction reel seats that we’ll be displaying and a new look in nickel silver plated hardware. I’m quite happy with the action of this new taper and the look of our Classic series of bamboo rods. Of course we’ll have our official Bellinger pint glasses for sale.

What do you like the most about the event?
Many of our friends and customers attend the show and so it is a good opportunity to catch up with them. I particularly enjoy watching someone with little experience in casting or fishing a bamboo fly rod take the plunge and choose a rod, cast it and come away a convert to the allure of bamboo.

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