Tech Tip: Icing Fused Ferrules

Is your four piece a two piece? Or worse, your two piece a one? We aren’t talking women’s swimwear here. What I’m asking is whether you through no fault of your own, (or in my case a complete case of neglect) have a rod, or will have a rod that you just can’t get apart? I did and I have a sweet Caddis fly rod tube that held the two piece nicely but it still irked me.

I tried the knee trick–that’s the first method. Hold the rod behind your legs in the knee area and use your legs as as well as your arms to try to pull the offending ferrules apart. That didn’t work. I tried silicone spray in the joint and allowed it to seep in and got Shelly to pull as hard as she could on one end with me reefing on the other. Nix.

Kvetching about this situation to Nate, he asked “have you tried icing it? That’s what we’ve always done”

I felt sorta like Archimedes, except I was fully clothed, and it wasn’t my idea. Other than that though it was really similar. “Oh, good idea, it’ll contract.”

“Yep, it contracts.”

A stroke of pure genius. I went home and iced the rod at the joint for a couple hours and when Shelly got there we tried again. With a satisfying, ‘ploop’ the rod did the unstuck. File this one away, you might need it someday.–KM

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5 Responses to Tech Tip: Icing Fused Ferrules

  1. Brian says:

    I’ve got a one piece I need to try this with… I tried it already– I figured on icing it because it’s stuck due to keeping it assembled from winter to summer (hence expansion)… but I definitely didn’t ice it for more than 15 mins….

    I really hope this works… 9ft of anything doesn’t exactly just get thrown into the car for an afternoon trip…

  2. Karl Mueller says:

    What does everyone but me know about icing rods? There has to be someone out there . . . .

  3. Karl Mueller says:

    Nine foot-yikes–I thought two pieces was inconvenient.

  4. Michael says:

    It is my understanding that having two people pull on each section a rod can result in breakage. Try instead have each person put one hand on each section. You’ll get twice the pull with little chance of a broken rod.

    Icing is a great idea, though!

  5. Matt Eifler says:

    I have tried the icing with no luck. I also tried many other red face and profanity inducing methods. What did work for me was cutting two 6 to 7 inch sections of an old bike innertube and wrapping each piece upon itself at the joint of the rod. Be sure to wrap them in opposite directions and then twist in the same direction the tubes are wrapped, tightening the rubber while hopefully loosening the rod sections. Hope that made sense. Took all the work out of it, they came apart in no time. Hope this works for you guys.

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