Oregon Fly Fishing Blog survey results, Sharkskin winner announced

Let’s get this out of the way. The random winner of the Sharkskin Line (as determined by plugging the numbers 1-156 into Random.org) is Todd Davidson of Salem, OR. We’ll be in touch about picking up your prize, or you can shoot us an email.

So what did we find out in the survey? The audience is 98% male, mostly between 25-35, you tie flies and really like to fish for trout in moving water. About a third of you spey fish, and Rob and Jay are nudging a few of you a little closer to pulling the trigger. The majority of you send $35 to Trout Unlimited, but a scary amount of you don’t do anything on the conservation side at all.

Sage dominates the favorite rod-maker category, and Ross is the clear winner on reels. Half of you chuck gear — music to Karl’s ears. Your dream fishing trip would be Alaska or Argentina. And we have a lot of hiking, photo-buffs out there.

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog survey results

As for preferred fly fishing Web sites, aside from Oregon Fly Fishing Blog, you really like Westfly, Moldy Chum, Buster Wants to Fish and Catch Magazine, in descending order.

As for why you like our site, it’s primarily local fishing reports and frequency of the updates, with fly tying videos coming in third.

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog survey results

There were some really excellent suggestions for improving the site and we’re taking them all to heart.

We have a plan to make the site easier to navigate in the coming months — so for the dozens of you who told us to get the fly tying videos organized, it’s coming!

We’re looking into producing more beginner and instructional content. We’re going to get back on the Podcasts again. We plan to offer more info for the wading angler, increased frequency on local hatch reports — probably through our Twitter account. And we’ll continue to focus on conservation issues in our area.

Thanks to everybody who took the survey, and be sure to enter the Hareline Dubbin Summer Steelhead fly tying contest.

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2 Responses to Oregon Fly Fishing Blog survey results, Sharkskin winner announced

  1. Jim says:

    Hold on a minute! You didn’t give an other option for the conservation organizations and the ones I work with weren’t on there (NFS and Freshwater Trust). Just saying there might be more people out here doing conservation work than your survey indicates.

  2. Matt Stansberry says:

    Great point Jim. Leaving out NFS was a huge oversight on my part.

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