Summer season begins on the McKenzie

It has been a fantastic Spring on the McKenzie this year. We started with high water and tough conditions, but ended with unbelievable fishing and perfect water and weather.




Soon hot days will mean better hatches during the later hours of the day. Pale Morning Duns, Little Yellow Stones, smaller Caddis, Green Drakes, and Golden Stones will be important bugs to have in your box. Fishing a Possie Bugger off of a bigger dry will work in fast water now. Fish will look to take refuge in the highly oxygenated fast water on drop offs and behind boulders. Our great water conditions will continue all summer as reservoirs are full and snow pack a plenty.–CD

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  1. David Jensen says:

    More summer news. On Sunday, the first full day of summer, the logs at Marten Rapids were cut out, restoring the rapid to normal! Still be careful as with dropping water, the hole gets bigger. The removal was quite a project, and there should be some pix up soon on Steve Schaefers led the project.

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