Metolius Report: Still the Metolius

This past weekend I was up in the Bend area for the Oregon Council of Trout Unlimited meeting but the evening before I managed to sneak in a couple hours of fishing on the Metolius:

Springs, Metolius River

The river was as beautiful as always and the fishing was tough. We managed to hook and lose one good trout on a Golden Stone nymph. Prolific hatches of midges were coming off as well as some tan caddis but the fish weren’t into it. I didn’t see a fish rise. Despite local reports that Green Drakes were on the water, we didn’t see any evidence of that. I received reports from other TU members that fish were caught a couple days previous above the Canyon Creek Campground and downstream of Wizard falls hatchery on top using Golden Stone dries.–KM

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3 Responses to Metolius Report: Still the Metolius

  1. Brent says:

    Fished last Wednesday, no Green Drakes, no surface action. I did land one small fish upriver…and I’m happy with that.

  2. Damon says:

    Fished the Metolius on 6/28 & 29 (Sunday evening/Monday morning) below hatchery to Allen campground. Saw a fish rising about every 15-20 minutes, with some nice ones rise in the smoother deep water areas on the hatchery side of the campground area. Hooked one nice fish on a drake. Beautiful weather by day-but chilly at night!

  3. bobby k says:

    July 2nd about 4;30 pm.
    I finally caught a redside on the Metolius about 18 inches and I was not even wading. A small green drake hatch was happening and I was there at the right time. Thanks to my friend TR that showed me where and how to fish this demanding river.

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