Deschutes River Fishing Report: Salmonfly Madness

We just finished a week on the Deschutes yesterday. The fishing over the week ranged from good to outstanding. I would give specifics, but most readers would probably think I was full of it.



The dry fly fishing was so good that we did very little nymphing. The fish are keyed into the salmonfly and golden stone. Top producing patterns were the Clark’s Stone and Norm Wood’s Special in sizes six and eight, though many other patterns are working as well. The bugs should hang in there until the middle of June on certain stretches. The hatch starts on the lower end of the river and moves up, as of a couple days ago, the biggest density of stoneflies extended from Trout Creek down to the Dixon camp. Though the bugs thinned out downstream, the fish were still keyed on them.
It was a fun week of guiding: good groups, cooperative fish, great weather and lots of laughs.


We still have open dates available throughout the summer and fall on the Deschutes. If anyone is interested in doing an outfitted trip on the Deschutes with experienced guides, great food, and comfortable camp amenities, contact the Caddis Fly for details.




Though the stonefly hatch will taper off by the middle of the month, the fishing typically remains good on the Deschutes throughout the summer and fall. By mid-June, the fish have typically begun feeding on the dense hatches of small caddises and mayflies that continue to come off throughout the summer and fall. It’s a great time of year to go fishing in our area. Get out there and have some fun!–EN

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