Diamond Lake Fishing Report

Caddis Fly employee Clay Holloway has had two good weekends fishing Diamond Lake in a row. Water temperature yesterday was 60 degrees. Clay said they caught fish on sparse bodied chironomids in bronze and burgundy, tied with midge-bodi by Spirit River.

Diamond Lake May 2009

Diamond Lake May 2009

The fish averaged 15 but a few were larger. Minileeches were also producing, tied with a black marabou tail, black chenille, and red wire. Clay was primarily fishing with 10ft of 4x flouro. Crowds were down compared to Memorial Day weekend, plenty of fish to go around.

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4 Responses to Diamond Lake Fishing Report

  1. nimrod243 says:

    I love that top picture. The purple, lavendar and blue colors in the fish and the backround are beautiful. Great job guys.

  2. Ron R says:

    MY GAWD!!!!

    What beautiful fish!!!

    No wonder I moved from Utah to Oregon!!

  3. stellalvefshrmn says:

    Handsome man and fish!

  4. Doug Leach says:

    Could you please update your web site on fishing Diamond Lake, you must have some reports by now

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