Spey Caster Henrick Mortensen, free Zpey demo Monday afternoon, 3pm

Zpey rod designer and spey casting guru Henrick Mortensen will be conducting a free product and casting demo for Caddis Fly customers interested tomorrow, Monday May 18th.

henrik mortensen

Henrick and the Zpey crew will be at Alton Baker Park at 3pm, casting in the canoe canal near the entrance to the park. The 2009 Zpey rod line will be on hand along with their super smooth Zpey shooting head lines. The new Zpey rods and lines were developed in concert and are joy to cast. The rods unique handle design really benefits the caster both in spey casting and single handed casting. Come check them out!

Henrick’s fly rod design philosophy:

Don’t believe the marketing of most fly fishing equipment companies. And most importantly, don’t focus on the concept of long distance casting. In all the years I’ve been an angler, almost every company comes out with “the world’s best rod” and the “farthest casting rod” every year. How can that be?

“Distance””is an overused and inappropriate word and concept in the world of fly fishing. From the birth of the sport fly fishing, distance has never been a major factor. Distance is more important for another sport called casting, and this has nothing to do with “fly casting.” That distinction needs to be made clear.

If you are interested in fly fishing then distance shouldn’t be a factor in your decision about which fly fishing equipment to buy. Fly fishing takes brains, not brawn. Precision and presentation are what make a successful fly fisher. Almost all tackle manufactured these days is able to cast an appropriate distance, but not much tackle is made to enable control and presentation the fly from any position and any depth. This is the tackle that should be bought, and this is my personal design goal.


Download a sample of Henrick’s upcoming book on Scandinavian Style casting.

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