Rivers still running high but plenty of options exist for the weekend

The McKenzie and Willamette remain high but they are fore-casted to drop precipitously over the next 48 hours. Nymphing will be productive all day with Golden Stone Nymphs, Possie Buggers and Princes. Look for surface activity with Pale Morning Duns, Half Down Golden Stones, CDC Green McKenzie Caddis, Peacock Caddis and Little Yellow Stones. The Middle Fork of the Willamette near Oakridge is running very high out of Hills Creek Reservoir and we recommend you concentrate you efforts below the North Fork of the Willamette confluence on down to Hampton ramp. Similar bugs for Willamette.

Other options around the state include.

Davis Lake Bass fishing. Warmer weather should have this fishery on fire. Use poppers early in the day and crawl lead eyed bass streamers on the bottom during the day.

Check on Diamond Lake, we just heard that the south end of the lake opened up for access. Please call the resort to confirm details. Diamond can be excellent early with Chironomids and Buggers.

Crane Prairie Reservoir should also heat up this weekend with better weather. Chironomids, buggers and streamers imitating baitfish can be productive on Crane early. ODFW is reporting good catch rates on Brook trout, try Skip’s Rainbow Trout Streamer, it should be great on Crane and at Gold Lake (when it opens).

The lower Deschutes is a great pick this weekend and coming weeks. The river is a bit high but nymphing should be awesome. Large stonefly nymphs with Copper Johns, small Princes and Possie Buggers.  Caddis larvae patterns will also work great.

The lower Umpqua should also improve with the weather. Shad reports have been very mediocre and smallmouth are just getting going. Things will improve on the Umpqua this weekend.

Wickiup Reservoir has been good as well. Fish the shallows early with Chironomids and streamers. Then move to deeper water with sinking lines and large streamer patterns.

Have a great fishing weekend–CD

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2 Responses to Rivers still running high but plenty of options exist for the weekend

  1. Rob R says:

    Not even a mention of spring chinook?? Am I the only one who can’t stop thinking about big chromers?

    Here’s an addition to your weekend assessment:

    1) Middle Fork Willamette & McKenzie – the best time to get springers and summer steelhead is right now, as the rivers are dropping, but still high enough to push fish to the soft edges. Numbers are still not at their peak, but the quality and agression of these fish won’t get any better. They are here!

    2) Umpqua – it’s peak season for springers in the lower river. Shad? That’s just bait…c’mon!

    3) Santiams – game on!!! Summers & springers are in.

    Dust off the ol’ Spey rod, get in the river, and swing, people!!

  2. Caddisfly says:

    I like it Rob, thank for the additions. I look forward to a Chinook fillet.

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