McKenzie drops into excellent shape

Today I fished the lower McKenzie from Deerhorn down to Belinger. The river was as low as I had fished it in 2009. Drop offs, seams, midstream depth changes and structure were far more evident with the water around 4000cfs. The river really looks great.  Around 2pm things warmed up and March Browns hatched in big numbers. Pale Morning Duns, small caddis, Little Yellow Stones and a few large Golden stones were also emerging  in the afternoon. Fishing was not incredible but we did catch a few nice fish. The most notable aspect of the day was the fact that the larger fish were taken on a size #14 Possie Bugger and a size # 8 Mega Prince in shallow fast water. All spring it seems I have been finding nice fish in deeper troughs and slow edges with depth. With the water down and things warming up fish appear to be moving into the prime feeding lanes that are now so well defined.–CD


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  1. Brian J. says:

    Wow, I’m always amazed by the beautiful coloring on the fish from the McKenzie– Shoot, if things keep going like they are on the truckee, I may have to come up there and fish…


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