Brownlining tip: Flip flops not recommended


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5 Responses to Brownlining tip: Flip flops not recommended

  1. Rob R says:

    Amazing photo. Makes me want to go carp fishing! Did you find some good bait in those trash heaps?

  2. J Graham says:

    Looks like fun, sign me up!

  3. Jake B says:

    New to Oregon and the site, great resource much appreciated! Moved from Cincinnati, OH where most places looked like your picture, all part of the gig, only thing the pic can not relate is the smell! Anyway, glad to see others out chasing “bronze bones”.

  4. Cruiser says:

    “that was one wild party last night… I hate the morning after… did you remember to pack the coffee”??

  5. Brian says:

    … and then you wake up one day and realize you’re hopelessly addicted, and living like this is the only way to fish 365 days a year…

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