Warm weather bring on the Caddis

The shallow edges of both the McKenzie and Willamette rivers are currently inandated with small cased caddis. These case makers and other caddis species are sporadically emerging throughout the spring but really pop when we get air temps to about 70 degrees in April and May. Look for Caddis patterns to be really effective before and after the 1-3pm March Brown hatch. Also look for evening fishing with caddis imitations to really pick up this weekend with the great weather.  Good caddis imitations include: Peacock Caddis, CDC  Elk hair Caddis CinnamonElk Hair Caddis Black, Outrigger Caddis and Stroups CDC Caddis.

Yesterday I floated from Deerhorn Bridge to Belinger. The March Brown hatch did come off between 2 and 3pm. There were tons of bugs and   fish were on them in certain areas.  Riffles dumping into slow pools seemed to best for us but the water was dropping all day yesterday and fish should push into faster water in the coming day. The swung fly had success all day. Using a Possie Bugger and a March Brown Bead Head Emerger in tandem was a deadly combo. Later in the afternoon when the sun finally won out over the grey, caddis flies swarmed the rivers edge. A solid day of warmth will have fish tight to the banks feeding on the adult caddis.-CD

Darryl Miller lower mckenzie

Craig Miller  Lower Mckenzie

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