Mckenzie and Willamette Rivers in good shape

Blue Winged Olives, Winter Stones, Stonefly nymphs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, Possie Buggers, Skwala Stones and the hope of March Browns. It’s that time of year again and local angling oppurtunities are available. 400 cubic feet per second out of Hills Creek Dam near Oakridge means the Middle Fork of the Willamette is in prime wading shape. The Mckenzie near Eugene is a perfect level and anglers have been taking fish. Fish a thingamabobber with a stonefly nymph and small pheasant tail under it. Look for Blue Winged Olives and do your best bug dance for a good March Brown Hatch.–CD

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2 Responses to Mckenzie and Willamette Rivers in good shape

  1. Jim Edwards says:

    I am beginning to think trout fly fishing again (to soon). I always do about this time of year. I have had success on the middle fork of the Willametter this early a few times. How much does water temperature matter to fishing this time of year. I know it could not be much colder. I dreg up about as much action on a an attractor like a Royal Wolf or a Golden Stone in a size 10 as I do fishing nypphs. And one surface take is worth dredging the bottom all day long for a few more takes.


  2. Caddisfly says:

    Jim, as the water warms you will see more diverse bug life, not just the hardy Blue Winged Olives, Winter Stones, March Browns and a few larger stones that seem to handle the cold. Numerous caddis species, and more stones will be present above and below the surface with warmer water temps. CD

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